Individual Timeline plus Historical Facts

  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • FH versions: V5 and V6
  • Download type: Fact Queries 

This query prompts for a Key Individual and lists Facts (Events and Attributes) relevant to that person’s life.

The exact set of Facts listed is determined by the Timeline Facts settings in the Tools > Preferences > General tab, plus the Facts within Individual records in a chosen Timeline Named List.

This is one of a series of seven similar Queries (1 standard Query and 6 Custom Queries) that produce a range of different Timeline results. An explanation of all seven can be found at Timeline Facts – Overview

The Query excludes any Fact dated 1 year earlier than earliest birth date or 1 year later than latest death date of the Key Individual, but the Rows filter values of -1 and 1 can be changed if a wider range is desired.

Enhancement required for Historical Facts to match this screenshot

While the Query will work with standard Facts, the results set for those Historical Facts will not look exactly like the screenshot below. In order to display the historical facts in that same style, it is suggested that a special Custom Individual Attribute should be used. So use Tools > Fact Types  follwed by the New button to create an attribute named Historical Fact with a Sentence Template such as {value} {place}< at {address}> {age} and its Normal Time Frame set to None.

The Query also relies on a Named List of Individual records that are unrelated to the Key Individual. They may be just acquaintances, or significant historical figures such as monarchs, or a collection of historical facts, which could have special names such as Colonial Wars /! Historical Facts/.


Shows result of custom Query

  • Each special fact is prefixed with an asterisk.
  • The age displayed is the age (if any) of the historical fact


Download: Individual Timeline plus Historical Facts