Alive at 1901 Census

  • Skill Level: Advanced and Intermediate
  • FH versions: V4, V5, and V6
  • Download type: Individual Queries 

List to aid search on 1901 census.

Shows all individuals born between March 1801 and March 1901, and died after March 1901 or with a null death date.

Outputs 1901 census place if already known, then dates and places to assist with searching for those not yet found on the census.

Sorted by family as child and birth date, then family as spouse – this makes it easier to see who might all have been together on the census return.

– Excludes those with a null birth date – some of these may have been alive at 1901.
– Only includes first marriage details.
– See also Query:Individual ~ Alive at 1841 Census.

Produced by RuthE (22/05/06)

Download: Alive at 1901 Census