Sub Categories

    Baptism or Birth
    This fact set includes three attributes allowing you to save the occupation of the father at a child’s baptism, the family’s address at the baptism and the address of the informant at a child’s birth as recorded on the birth certificate (useful when a family member other than mother or father)
    Contact Info
    This Fact Set defines a custom Contact Info Attribute, which can be used on its own, or in conjunction with any of a custom Property Box Tab, a custom Report, and a custom Query to manage contact details for any Individual
    Electoral Roll
    Add this Fact Set to enable you to record entries from the Register of Electors
    Enhanced Death and Burial
    Add this Fact Set to add new Death Facts
    Responding to a suggestion from Simon Orde of Calico Pie, this is a first shot at a simple fact set to cover Jewish religious events
    Kinsfolk Facts
    This Facts Set includes many facts – all Attributes that allow Values, although some are strictly Events
    Military History
    Add this Fact Set to add a range of new Military Facts
    Name Changes
    Contains custom attributes, for Name changes such as Deed Poll, Birth and Adopted Names, change of name on marriage (to contain non-conventional changes, such as a Man taking a Woman’s surname), and adoption name changes
    To Do Lists
    The Fact Set creates a Custom Attribute in which the Note field holds labelled details of Work In Progress or Research To Do for the associated Individual