Sub Categories

    Birth Marr Death Age at Death
    Based on the standard Birth, Marriage, Death Text Scheme with the addition of the Age at Death (if defined in the Age field within the Death event) and also with a Flag Condition to not display if the person has a Living record flag set
    This scheme shows full names, life , and marriage date, plus the first 4 census dates, and short place information for each person on the diagram
    Compact With Dates
    Compact scheme modified to include life and to split the name over 3 lines: Compact With DatesCompact scheme modified to include life dates and to split the name over 3 lines: (Tags: {@download_tag])
    Condensed Siblings
    More compact diagrams are possible if children are listed in their parent’s box instead of separate descendant boxes
    Marriage in Descendant Box
    Puts the Spouse Name, Date and Place of Marriage in a Descendant Box type, but not in the Spouse Boxes
    Name Birth Marriage Death Places with Full Names
    Similar to the standard Birth, Marr, Death schemes but with Full Names, rather than preferred ones
    Names Dates Places and Occupations
    Shows Birth, Baptism, Death, Burial and the first two Occupations listed with dates
    Pedigree Chart – 4 Gens – Ahnentafel
    This Four Generations Pedigree Chart with Record Id and Ahnentafel Numbers has connector boxes to the left and right to identify adjacent charts, but it requires  V6 or later