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Better options for adding plugins to Tools menu

Post by jelv »

At the moment you can add plugins to the tools menu and you can sometimes quickly open the plugin by keying Alt+T and the first letter of the plugin name.

  • You can't use the keyboard selection if the plugin name begins with some of the letters assigned to other options on the menu (e.g. A, G or N).
  • There is no direct control of the order of the plugins on the menu. As each one is added it goes to the bottom of the list. You may have to take them all off and re-add them one by one to get the desired order.
  • If you have managed to get them in to order you like and a plugin is replaced by a new version (e.g. with the version in the name), you may have to go through the whole procedure again to get them in the the desired order.
On the plugins dialog, under the tick box Add to Tools Menu there is another box which accepts a single character. If it is entered, on the tools menu the name of the plugin is prefixed on the menu with the character and that acts as the accelerator key. The plugins on the menu are sorted in the order of these characters. Plugins without the character would follow in the same way as they do at present.

This would give the user complete control of the order of the plugins on the menu.

Notes. The implementation could restrict the character to be a numeric which would allow up to 10 plugins to be added and ensure that they were not the same as any other options on the tools menu. Probably also to ensure that the numbers added were unique.

It may be desirable to show that the number is not part of the name and by delineating it in some way. E.g.

[1] Ancestral Sources
[2] Search and Replace
[3] Export Gedcom File
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Re: Better options for adding plugins to Tools menu

Post by ColeValleyGirl »

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Re: Better options for adding plugins to Tools menu

Post by davidf »

Some plugins are so useful that it would be very useful to be able to have them attached to a custom icon on a custom icon bar.

In office suites, I often end up customising the icon bars to suit me. In FH a custom icon bar to which we could attach (personally) commonly used options (e.g. a "run a specific plug-in", "open a specific custom diagram", "run a specific query", or just a specific sub-menu item, etc.) would be useful. I would suggest that for support purposes, the existing icon bar should not be customisable.

Each icon would need to accept:
  • A "FH instruction"
  • tooltip text
  • a custom icon image
One for V8?

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