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Questions about Generic and Templated Sources within FH and their associated Citations and Repositories
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Querying Source Records

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I am not sure whether this topic should be under queries or sources.
I have a custom source template on Civil Registration based on Essentials collection. I have been using FH7 for just over 12 months and I have modified this template to add or modify fields over that time. So recently decided to create a query to check the value of each of the source template. Of course I found issues because over that time the templated source had changed. When creating a source query it uses the current source template to define the fields. I clicked on one of the records shown incorrectly in the query and that points to the original source record which shows all the fields mapped to the correct fields on the current source template. Therefore is there a way of mapping the fields of the original source template into the current query or would this have to be done by creating a PLUGIN with LUA to map the fields in the orginal template to the current template and would this be mapped by using the source template field name.
Sorry if this sounds complicated and I may not have explained this very well.
Thanks in anticipation, Alan.

PS. Now discovered the use of the METAFIELDS which I think negates this question now.
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