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Autotext - titles of custom items

Post by arthurk »

I've just come across a quirk relating to the titles of my custom Autotext items. I have about 25 of these, until now all in one folder. Among my items were the following, and these and other similar groups seem to be where the problem lies:

1901 Census
1901 Census (SCT)
1901 Census (IRL)
Marriage (Hardwicke)
Marriage (SCT)

It seems that because the strings "1901 Census" and "Marriage" also form part of the names of the other items, FH gets confused, and selecting any of the 3 similarly named ones is liable to insert the wrong one. This only seems to apply when the items are in the same folder.

As a workaround I've adopted two strategies, which both seem to work:
(a) use more folders - I now have one for England & Wales censuses and a different one for Scotland and Ireland.
(b) rename "Marriage" to "Marriage (1837+)"
So long as the problematic titles are in different folders, or the titles are fully unique, things seem to work correctly.

Can anyone else reproduce this? And is it a bug that needs reporting, or just the way it works, which might need flagging up in the KB?
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