* PLEASE READ before adding new requests

For existing requests please see The Wish List
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PLEASE READ before adding new requests

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The process of getting a feature request promoted to the Wish List is simple. First do a bit of homework and perhaps discuss your desire first on FHUG User Forums to be sure the feature does not already exist.

Please check The Wish List and New Wish Requests and DO NOT post requests which are already covered there. Remember, this list is maintained by volunteers and we cannot spend hours doing your homework for you.

1. Describe your difficulty in the current Family Historian workings being specific about the area e.g.:

"Currently Family Historian..........."
"This means I need to................."
"This breaks my workflow.....results in more clicks...."
"This means I can't..................."

2. Suggest how you believe things could be better or more productive:

"It would be an improvement if......."

Bear in mind that Calico Pie may not implement the solution as suggested, many other aspects often need to be considered before making program changes.

In due course, entries in this Forum may either be:
  1. Transferred to The Wish List where you can vote on them.
  2. Moved to another Forum , leaving a moved topic link.
  3. Moved to the Closed Wish List Requests Forum.
In general if your request is well defined providing the detail needed, receives support from other users, and receives no serious and unresolved objections it will be promoted to The Wish List where other users will be free to vote on your suggestion and also add their comments.

Some requests are complex. Requests that receive support but aren't ready for the Wish List after 3 months will be put On Hold for a year to allow discussions to complete.


Users often ask if Calico Pie check on the Wish List to try and align with current user needs. They do and state so in this response to a question on new versions on the FHU mailing list 24 June 2008.
I do of course understand why you ask, but I'm afraid we don't give out that kind of information. I can say that at any given time, we are always working hard on the next release and are doing so now; and that when deciding what goes into any given release, we always look carefully at the Wish List and try to respond to it. Whether or not a feature gets included though is not just a question of how many votes it may get. We also have to take into account how much time and effort it will require to implement, and how well it fits in with other things we want to do.

Simon Orde
List Administrator & Family Historian designer
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