* Removal of support for .zip and other archive attachments

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Removal of support for .zip and other archive attachments

Post by ColeValleyGirl »

For security reasons, we are removing support for attaching .zip, .rar, .7z and other archive file types.

These are very infrequently used, but pose the risk that malicious contents could be posted undetected, with the potential for damage to FHUG users and for the entire site to be taken down.

Existing attachments of this type will be deleted immediately.

There are genuine needs that .zip files met for which we can offer alternative solutions:
  • If you need to attach more screenshots than are allowed (the limit is 3), add an additional post for the further screenshots.
  • If you need to post a very large file that exceeds the forum limits, consider posting an extract, or a link to the file in e.g. OneDrive. (Links are always permitted in the forums, on the assumption that users will apply common sense on what they follow to unknown destinations).
  • If the file is a non-executable text file with a different extension, rename it to have .txt on the end and you can then attach it without difficulty. Do NOT use this mechanism to attach executable scripts or programmes such as lua, python or .bat files. If you do, your permission to post will be restricted or revoked. Instead, use the facilities for embedding code within a post (where it is not executable), or attach the file via a link.
  • If you need to post a non-text file which is of an unsupported type, post a link.
  • If you want to post a collection of items such as icons, consider submitting them to the Knowledgebase to be made available as a download there, or post a link.
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