* Ancestry Synchronization plugin version 2.2

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Ancestry Synchronization plugin version 2.2

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Version 2.2 of the Ancestry Synchronization plugin is now available in the Plugin Store.

This new update addresses issues that can arise with very large datasets, as discussed here some weeks ago. Irrespective of project size, all users will also benefit from significantly faster merging and updating steps within RootsMagic.
  • Enhanced memory management for projects of up to 50k records or more.
  • A more informative progress bar that remains open throughout the Compare and Update operations.
  • Faster updating of RootsMagic by processing records in batches rather than individually (particularly noticeable for the initial correction of Living flags after export from FH).
  • Following a Compare step, only new and updated records are included in the GEDCOM export file, along with their family members to provide links into the master database. This avoids the very slow step within RM of comparing and merging a large number of unchanged records. Once either FH or RM is updated, the export reverts automatically to all in-scope records.
Mark Draper
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