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Version 7.0.22

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Heads up: version 7.0.22 is now available. Updates https://www.family-historian.co.uk/v7-updates: -

A recent update to the technology powering the Web Search window has led to problems which could cause Family Historian to close unexpectedly. This has been fixed.

If you have multiple monitors the ‘Splash’ screen (little title window that appears briefly when you open Family Historian) now appears centred on whichever monitor Family Historian will open on.

Fixed an issue with report layouts which arose when the top margin was different in size to the left margin.

Previously, if you copied-and-pasted footnote text from the side panel of the Citation Window, into Word or Word Pad, the resulting text could start in italics, even if the original didn’t. This has been fixed.

Previously if you clicked the ‘Go To’ button for a witness or principal in the Citation Window, to display them the fact in the Property Box, the yellow citation pane did not necessarily update to show source citations for that fact. It now does.
The function ‘GetLabelledText’ now skips both spaces and tabs after the label (previously it only skipped spaces).

In the Advanced collection of source templates, a space has been added between the {URL} source template code (and other codes that refer to URLs) and the following colon. This is to prevent problems with links not working in some contexts in which URLs are automatically generated from text. This change only affects source template definitions. Any source templates that have already been imported as Source Template records will not be automatically updated.

In the Family Historian API for plugins, the ‘MoveTo’ method for item pointers handled some special metafield data references incorrectly. This has now been fixed, and the Help for the function has been updated.
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