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Multiple versions of FH

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I know that the KB is a wiki, so we will always have a variety of writing styles, but do we need some words in the authors’ guide about how to deal with different versions of FH? Something along these lines to get the discussion going...?
  1. The target audience is primarily new users, so new pages should always be based on FH7.
  2. Significant differences in FH6 should be included, but can always be added later if the author is unfamiliar with FH6.
  3. When revising an existing page that covers multiple FH versions, it should be restructured to emphasise FH7 wherever possible. FH4/5 are regarded as obsolete (and will not have had any new users for many years), so material relating solely to these versions should preferably be deleted, or at least de-emphasised so as to not get in the way of understanding FH7.
I’m sure the “usual suspects” authors will give their views, but what do readers want? The KB is there for your benefit.
Mark Draper
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