* FH7 Where are files kept?

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FH7 Where are files kept?

Post by rwcrooks » 19 Jul 2021 14:05

I’m beginning the process of converting from Roots Magic to FH. Is there a listing of where all of the files that FH uses are located and what info they contain?

I’m in the process of cleaning up my RM database and trying to free my records from being held hostage by many RM-only peculiarities, so my transition will take a while.

Based on all the chatter on the RM User Group message board, it looks like there are many users who want to transition to FH. It would be nice to have a detailed checklist of steps to take to make the RM-FH transition semi-painless, but I think that is a Calico Pie issue and not a UG issue.


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Re: FH7 Where are files kept?

Post by ColeValleyGirl » 19 Jul 2021 14:16

There is a lot of experience here in the user group on converting from Roots Magic to FH. Our Knowledge Base article is Importing to Family Historian but you can get lots more tailored input if you ask in these forums.

You'll also want to review the articles about Projects (and the project structure) Understanding Projects and Understanding the Scope of Features

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Re: FH7 Where are files kept?

Post by tatewise » 19 Jul 2021 14:27

Some advice in Importing to Family Historian under Import from RootsMagic (RM) needs updating.
It suggests not exporting Extra details (RM specific) but in some cases those extra details are useful.
See Import RM to do lists? (19176) that discusses a plugin to help with migrating To Do lists.

There are several RM migrants here who will be only too willing to answer any questions.
Mike Tate ~ researching the Tate and Scott family history ~ tatewise ancestry

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