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Double Entry query

Post by mja2020 » 08 Apr 2021 15:01

The screenshot below is my attempt to correct a double entry and making matters worse by my actions. Ashley GILL is married to Calvin YOUNG who was the person I entered twice. They have a daughter between them Layla YOUNG. To get to this sorry state, on the records page I highlighted Calvin YOUNGs name, pressed the delete key on the keypad and then pressed OK. My problem seems to be, having two “no spouse” tabs which need removing before I can enter Calvin’s details. When the tabs are removed, and his details entered would I be correct in thinking that on the descendant chart Calvin would appear as married to Ashley and Layla would appear only once as their daughter. I would appreciate your help very much as I am really in difficulty.

Many thanks for your anticipated help

Malcolm Arrow

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Re: Double Entry query

Post by tatewise » 08 Apr 2021 15:54

Welcome to the FHUG Malcolm.

To attach screenshots you cannot use weblinks. Anyway, OneDrive links need shared access that was not set correctly.
To attach screenshot images see the FHUG Knowledge Base Forum Usage Tips under Attachments and Taking Screenshots.

It is not clear why you have two <no spouse> tabs.
Has Ashley GILL had two husbands or is it a side-effect of entering Calvin YOUNG twice?
On which of those two tabs does Layla YOUNG appear?

The <no spouse> tabs are there because you have deleted Calvin YOUNG from his wife.
But if you have only deleted one of two Calvin YOUNG records it is not clear why both husbands have gone.

I presume when you performed that deletion that there were two Calvin YOUNG records?

If you use the Add Spouse/Partner link and choose Link Existing Record then you can select the surviving Calvin YOUNG record, if there is one, to restore him as the husband.

It may be necessary to revert your Project database to an automatic Snapshot taken this morning.
Mike Tate ~ researching the Tate and Scott family history ~ tatewise ancestry

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