* Version 7 announced to the press

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Re: Version 7 announced to the press

Post by davepacey » 23 Jan 2021 13:21

I do hope that they actually go on to do a review, I will be interested to see how the reporting comes out in any review.
Dave Pacey - Lincolnshire UK

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Re: Version 7 announced to the press

Post by ColeValleyGirl » 23 Jan 2021 13:22

Any review at eogn won't be based on using it... :)

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Re: Version 7 announced to the press

Post by Mark1834 » 23 Jan 2021 13:55

Unfortunately, that’s the case with most online “reviews”, and too often they’re just a comparison of the feature lists. To compare different apps objectively, you need to have used them for a significant time, and that is not a luxury most journalists or bloggers have. FH, RM and FTM (and others) can all point to reviews where they came out best.
Mark Draper

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