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Creating a book

Post by DMorgan64 » 23 Mar 2020 15:58

I am new to Family Historian as I want to try to use it to produce a book.
Trouble is that there are several hundred individuals in my tree and when uploading all their Individual Reports, Family Reports etc the programme does not seem to be able to cope and "freezes".
Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way around this?

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Re: Creating a book

Post by Jane » 23 Mar 2020 16:34

You may simply be creating too big a book at one go for your PC, personally a "book" simply filled with Individual and Family Reports is probably not the way to make a usable book. Have you considered using Ancestor or descendant reports as a good starting point? Try turning off Source images if you have them turned on.
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Re: Creating a book

Post by tatewise » 23 Mar 2020 18:09

Welcome to the FHUG.

Since you are new to FH, where did those hundreds of records originate?
Perhaps you imported them from another genealogy program.
It is advisable to review your Project data following the guidelines in Knowledge Base > Importing to Family Historian.

Could you go into a bit more detail about exactly what commands you are using?

If you include absolutely every Individual Summary Report and Family Group Sheet there would a great deal of repeated information, making the Book an unattractive read.

A few hundred records is a very small Project so should not normally overload a Book.

OR maybe you are not talking about the FH Publish > Book command at all.
In which case, it is even more important to explain exactly what commands you are using.
i.e. What do you mean by uploading?
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