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FHISO ELF Standards

Post by tatewise » 06 Feb 2019 16:19

This is for the technically minded users interested in the evolution of formal standards such as GEDCOM and FHISO.

FHISO have released several draft standards over the last year, but focussed on low-level and general concepts that form a syntactic and semantic foundation for more practical standards. They are heavy going!

However, on 30 Dec 2018 they released the Extended Legacy Format (ELF): Date, Age and Time Microformats draft that is compatible with GEDCOM 5.5.1 DATE, AGE & TIME tags, but adds more formal definition and extensibility for the future.

They call for comments, so if you have a bee in your bonnet about how Date, Age or Time should be handled, then this is your opportunity to influence how things evolve.
For example, it you think Age should be allowed to be stated in Weeks as well as Years, Months & Days then let them know.
They are asking if approximates Dates should be allowed in Period and Range dates.
e.g. FROM ABT 1798 TO 2 JAN 1842 or FROM BEF JUL 1863 TO 15 APR 1865
If you have a view then let them know.
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Re: FHISO ELF Standards

Post by redvanman » 07 Feb 2019 16:55

They are heavy going
And this one isn't?

Seriously, although this is indeed for the technically minded, there are some interesting ideas in there which can inform all of us when we think about how to capture and record the huge number of different date formats we typically encounter in our research.
Maybe when things have been pinned down a bit further, something in the knowledge base would be useful?

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