*Possible bug in Burial input

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Possible bug in Burial input

Post by Valkrider » 11 Jun 2018 14:36

As I am doing a single surname study I often enter an individual using the Add Unrelated Individual icon.

If this is a baptism record then I add the individual then click Add Parent and then enter the parents details and then once save there is the popup option to add as the individual or father / mother.

However, if this is a burial record of an infant where the parent(s) are mentioned then following the same process as for baptism does not show the popup and it auto adds the parent as the individual of the burial.

Is this a bug, by design or an enhancement request?

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Re: Possible bug in Burial input

Post by tatewise » 12 Jun 2018 09:21

Nick will confirm, but Baptism and Burial appear to use a different strategy.

Baptism, as you say, offers a choice between Individual and Father/Mother (depending on Gender) whenever a person is selected.

Whereas, Burial offers a Parent and Spouse References dialogue when a person is initially selected, but not when relatives are added. Perhaps that is because those relatives are on a separate Family tab rather than the Main Info tab.
So, if the Parents/Spouse are added before the Individual is <<Selected then the Parent and Spouse References dialogue allows those relatives to be chosen.

However, as you say, it would be more consistent to also offer the choices similar to Baptism.
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