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Source on AS Forms

Postby bonalymac » 12 Oct 2017 18:10

Can someone explain what the source (here from the Marriage input) shown here refers to.

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So far it has never been available to edit, and doesn't seem to relate exactly to source in FH. I have set up repositories quite happily, but don't know if I'm missing a trick here with Source.

I have had a look in the help files and haven't found anything yet.



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Re: Source on AS Forms

Postby tatewise » 12 Oct 2017 19:06

See the AS Help > Ancestral Sources Reference > Marriage Sources > Main Screen: Marriage Records, scroll down to Marriage Information and checkout Source where it explains the New Source... feature only applies to Method 2 for 'source lumpers', which is described in Knowledge Base > Sources and Citations - how to use them, and is one of the topics in Knowledge Base > Key Features for Newcomers, as mentioned in the recent File Naming Convention (15330) thread.

The same concept applies to all the other AS data capture modes, and all Source Citations in general.

Many uses employ a combination of Method 1 and Method 2.
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Re: Source on AS Forms

Postby bonalymac » 12 Oct 2017 19:13

Thanks again. So far I've only been using method 1


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