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Custom Travel Facts

Postby NigelP » 09 Oct 2017 09:13

I want to create a travel fact that gives the start and end place of a journey. Is there any way a new custom fact can be created which has two place entries (like Emmigration)?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: Custom Travel Facts

Postby tatewise » 09 Oct 2017 10:41

Unfortunately that is not possible, Nigel.
The Emigration and Immigration facts are specially customised with an extra non-standard GEDCOM 2nd Place field, but cannot be extended to any other facts.

However, there are some workarounds you could consider.
  1. If you never ever want to use say the Emigration fact, then you can change its Label to Journey.
    Use Tools > Fact Types > Emigration > Edit and change the Label (and Abbreviation if necessary) to Journey.
    Also adjust the wording of the Sentence Template for Narrative reports.
  2. To retain the Emigration fact, you can change its name in specific facts by using its Fact Type Descriptor.
    Use the All tab and right-click Emigration fact to Add Descriptor with the value Journey.
    Then use Tools > Fact Types > Emigration > Edit and adjust the Sentence Template to:
    {individual} {=TextIf(Exists(%FACT.TYPE%),"journeyed", "emigrated")}< from {_place}>< to {_place2}>...
    Also click Advanced button, tick Use Override Template for Facts tab listing and add Template:
Note that if exported to another product, then it would still appear as an Emigration fact.

See Knowledge Base > Recording a Marriage/Civil Partnership that offers similar methods, but involving a Family fact.

Also Wish List Ref 559 Fact Descriptor for Civil Union, two Place Travel, Preferred Occupation, etc. is something you could Vote for to fully support the Fact Type Descriptor method.

The only other option would be to use the Extended Set custom facts such as Arrival, Departure, Destination, or Origin with one Place each. This can work well if the start and end of journey are on different Dates. See Tools > Fact Types for Fact Set: Extended Set and also Knowledge Base > Work with Fact Sets/Fact Types under Custom Facts from other Products.

A way to add a 2nd Place field to those custom facts is to use the Custom Fact Fields labelled Note technique described in Knowledge Base > Narrative Report Fact Sentence Templates.
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