* Ancestral Sources v5.2 Font Size

AS allows faster and more convenient creation of source records for Family Historian.
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Ancestral Sources v5.2 Font Size

Post by Wahull1052 » 17 Apr 2017 01:56

Downloaded this, and in general it looks a useful resource, thank you. One problem though is that it has taken a while to realise that users can change the Font Type/Size in the Customisation Tool. I find the need for customisation of layout features essential. It would be helpful if you would include larger size fonts please. Limiting Ancestral Sources to 8-10point sizes limits use for those with poor eyesight or who might use differing screen resolutions. NB: If fonts are larger, then naturally the visual form space on screen needs to be bigger too. Whilst I appreciate that size can make it difficult to fit all information on the screen, people who need enhanced size fonts are often familiar with the necessity to scroll across a form to complete all fields. Its a case of making Ancestral Sources more user friendly for people with limited/restricted vision. Otherwise a very useful tool

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Re: Ancestral Sources v5.2 Font Size

Post by tatewise » 17 Apr 2017 10:00

Have you tried using the Windows Ease of Access Magnifier tool?
In Windows 10 it is at Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier with many options, and also see Narrator, High Contrast, and Mouse options, etc. Somebody I know finds them very useful.

As a relative newcomer have you found Knowledge Base > Key Features for Newcomers and studied all its topics?
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Re: Ancestral Sources v5.2 Font Size

Post by NickWalker » 17 Apr 2017 11:07

If Ancestral Sources is maximised and the fonts are too big, some text and buttons won't be displayed properly and scroll bars won't currently appear on most screens to help you with this. Generally users who have set their Windows display settings to 175% or more (I assume you've done this?) would find that size 10 font in AS would be too big. The resolution of my PC screen is reasonably high (1680x1050) but admittedly not as high as some modern screens. This is a screenshot of my entire screen running at 175% scaling and size 10 font in AS and the screen is very cramped and the text is large:
2017-04-17 (1).jpg
2017-04-17 (1).jpg (251.57 KiB) Viewed 3015 times
Various dialogues will be too large to display properly at that resolution on my screen and unless I invest a lot of time (that I don't have) in adding scroll bars or other interface changes AS will be very difficult (or impossible) to use.

However, I accept that it might be workable for very high resolution monitors so the next version of AS will allow larger fonts to be chosen, but I can't promise how usable they will be!

Nick Walker
Ancestral Sources Developer


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