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Changing Home Person

Post by petefuchs » 17 Feb 2017 19:04

I am new to FH. What is the easiest way to make someone the Home Person when you are not sure how that person is related? The person's record is already in FH of course and I can get their record to show on the right side screen, but how do I get them to show on the left side screen?

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Re: Changing Home Person

Post by LornaCraig » 17 Feb 2017 19:53

Once you have the individual displayed in the Property Box (which will be the 'right hand screen' if you keep the property box docked) click the magnifying glass icon either in the main toolbar or in the smaller toolber at the top of the Property Box. This will display them in the Focus window.

As you are new to FH you might find it useful to look at Knowledge Base > Key Features for Newcomers

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