* TMG to FH - Missing source citations - Potential solution

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TMG to FH - Missing source citations - Potential solution

Post by JohnLiddle » 18 Oct 2014 15:10

I have been experimenting with transferring data from TMG to FH using Direct Import and (like a considerable number of others) have run into the problem of source citations not being honoured in the transfer.

I found that in the transfer of a test project (a subset of my main project) which had 137 associated sources and 731 citations to those sources, although all 137 sources transferred, only 562 citations to them were evident when I counted them in the sources window in FH (this despite the fact that the FH import progress bar indicated that all 731 citations had been transferred).

In trying to resolve this, I have stumbled upon an apparent solution which I am happy to share.

In essence (detailed steps can be provided if needed) I have created a blank TMG project and then merged my existing test project into it and BINGO! all expected source citations are then honoured by the direct import. (Exceptions are citations for parent-child relationships etc. which are known not to transfer, but a plugin is available to remedy that).

The only conclusion I can draw is that despite the "Optimise" and "Verify File Integrity" maintenance routines in TMG, umpty-ump years of data editing means that there are redundant elements left in the data file which can confuse the import process and which the project merge process in TMG strips out.

I would be interested to hear from anyone else who tries this.


John Liddle
Backwell, North Somerset, UK – “Where the cider apples grow”
John Liddle
Backwell, North Somerset - "Where the cider apples grow"

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