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Add multimedia to address

Post by robacis » 17 Oct 2014 19:31

As FH has developed within text field there has been a clear distinction between Address and Place. Previous wish list items have concentrated on attaching multimedia to places. Unfortunately this I suspect is not what most users want. The place where an event took place would frequently be a building or other specific location whereas an image of a place would simply be a town or wider location. Therefore a facility to attach an image to an address would be most welcome.

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Re: Add multimedia to address

Post by tatewise » 17 Oct 2014 19:52

The Wish List item Ref 8 Attaching multimedia to a Place plus other data unfortunately capitalises Place, but most of the later comments clearly talk about locations and places (with a small p), and mention Address more than once.

It only seems rational that any details, media, and mapping coordinates mentioned in the Wish List item should relate to Address+Place.

It is important that both Place+Address are used to avoid any need to replicate Place details in the Address.

[Note how robacis uses Place and place with two different meanings.]

See Wish List item Ref 527 Add Media and other data to an Address.
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