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Create New Tab or Customize

Post by kimday12 » 28 Mar 2014 17:55

Hello All,

I am still very new to genealogy software and genealogy in general. I am trying to pick up where my grandmother left off on paper and enter into Family Historian 5.

I have actually two questions. 1 is about a plugin and 1 I'm not so sure of.

The first question is about customizing the tabs so that I can enter information the way I want or do I need to figure out how to write my own plugins? For instance, anything with an address, can I make it more specific? I would like it to be able to do name of the place (hospital, college, etc.) and then street address (actually two lines for street address) and then county, and then state, and then zip code, and then country. And this is only for the U.S. address; as I move along to England, Ireland, Norway, and Germany, I may need to add some things depending on what is needed.

The second question may not belong here at all, but I'll try. I have a niece and nephew who's father is my brother. He has children by two different women (unfortunately for them). I have figured out how to link them by my brother and have the different mothers, but when I click on either child, it does not show they have a sibling. If I then click add a sibling and link the existing record, the linked child then shows twice; once under the correct mother and once under the incorrect mother. I know they are half-siblings, but they see each other as siblings and live together. I will have this problem soon with a cousin who has married twice with children by both husbands. Is there a way to make this correct?

Thank you so much for all your time reading my post and any help you give.


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Re: Create New Tab or Customize

Post by Jane » 28 Mar 2014 18:50

On the first question if you want to enter Multi-line addresses, just click the ... on the end. Personally I don't as they look untidy in reports and I also split them over the Address and Place fields anyway, I think what most people do is to use commas to separate the addresses, you can then use the Tools>Work With Data>Addresses option to manage them.

If you want to swap between the two formats you can use the Address formatting plugin in the store.

To give you an idea I would put
"12B Reading Street" in the Address field and "Kirkdale,Liverpool, England" in the place field.

On the second question, it depends how you want to record them. I would record them with the correct Wife, on a diagram they will be shown on the same line anyway. You can record them with both as you have done, and then set the relationship field to show the child attached to the second marriage is a Step child.
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Re: Create New Tab or Customize

Post by tatewise » 28 Mar 2014 18:55

Hi Kim and welcome to the FHUG and the world of FH.

I have moved your posting to the General Usage Forum, because neither question is related to Plugins.

Since everything is so new, may I suggest that you spend some time understanding the capabilities of FH and what it can and can't do.
See Knowledge Base > Family Historian Documentation for a summary of what is available.
The Help > Book: "Getting the Most From Family Historian 5" includes many tutorials, and the Family Historian Sample Project allows you to experiment without risking your precious Project data.
To create that project use File > Project Window > More Tasks > Samples > Reset Sample Project.

To answer your specific questions...

You need to understand the difference between Places & Addresses.

In particular most users use comma (,) to separate each part of a Place and Address and manage them using Tools > Work with Data > Places/Addresses.
Often they assign a fixed number of columns with each column dedicated to particular field such as Street, County, Country, Zip code, etc.
Then if a particular field is missing, there will a blank entry between some commas, but these adjacent commas are automatically merged in Reports, etc.
If you prefer you can also separate Address fields using newline.

In addition the Address field has standard sub-fields for 1st Line, 2nd Line, City, State, Postcode, and Country.
However, they are usually only visible on the All tab of the Property Box and do not appear in Reports by default.
But you could customise the Property Box tabs to make them more visible, but it would have to be repeated for each Fact that you want to add such details to.

It is normal to link Children to each set of Parents that might reasonably be considered as birth Parents, foster Parents, adoptive Parents, step Parents, etc.
Then the siblings do appear as such and the different Family groups are complete.
You can assign a Relationship for each Child to its various Parent(s) such as adopted, birth, foster, step, etc.
See the Rel column in the Focus Window and Property Box against each Child.
It is even possible to nominate the Relationship differently for each Parent.
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