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Civil Partnership

Post by neil40 » 10 Oct 2012 22:55

I have my first Civil Partnership to record, and wondered how it is done.

I noted that this thread Civil Partnership (6527) way back in 2008 for V3.

Did it get added/resolved?


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Civil Partnership

Post by PeterR » 10 Oct 2012 23:35

Chapter 2 of Getting the Most From Family Historian 5 has this on page 21:
Family Historian supports same sex relationships. A couple can both be male or
both female, and the parents in a family can be same sex too. Remember too that
you can always change a person's sex after you have created their record, if you
created the record with the wrong sex initially.

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Civil Partnership

Post by tatewise » 10 Oct 2012 23:44

There are also options in File > Import/Export > Export > GEDCOM File > Same Sex Relationships.
Click the associated Help button for more details.

There is also a Help page on how to Record Same Sex Relationships.

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