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Custom Query re Links to Source

Post by annah »

Back in the mists of time somehow I managed to create 4 different source records for the 1881 census.

I can see how many links there are to each of the four sources but is there anyway to create a query which would give me a list of the people the source has been linked with?

The 3 sources I want to get rid of I added delete on the end eg '1881 Census Delete' so that I can pick them out fairly easily as I come across them and I did try going all the individuals but missed around 50 links over the 3 sources I want to delete. I did try to create a custom query but obviously got it wrong as it isn't returning anything.

I'd be very grateful for any help with this.


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Custom Query re Links to Source

Post by Jane »

To view the links, use the View>Record Links option with the source selected.

Or on V5 you can download the
List All Citations for a Selected Source
and run it to see the exact entries for each source.

If you simply want to merge all the sources, go to Edit>Merge Compare Records and select them two at a time and merge them together.