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DNA link - show on diagram

Post by celia98 » 10 Jan 2019 16:52

apologies if this has been asked or is somewhere I should have looked first!
I have family that I share DNA with. Is it possible to record this fact?
Then is it possible for this fact to show up on diagrams? I would like to be able to see at a glance which branches I have 'proved' links to. bearing in mind I may have done research correctly but there could be 'mistakes' with paternal line.
many thanks

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Re: DNA link - show on diagram

Post by tatewise » 10 Jan 2019 19:59

There is no standard GEDCOM fact for recording DNA because the former was designed in 1996 before testing for the latter was even conceivable.

However, in Tools > Fact Types in the Extended Set of facts there is a DNA Markers Attribute that can be enabled.
See Knowledge Base > Custom Facts from other Products for details.

That DNA Markers Attribute can be added to a custom Diagram Text Scheme so that such facts appear in Diagram Boxes with a distinctive text font & colour if desired.

The Diagram > Options > Boxes tab Conditions can test for that DNA Markers Attribute and and when present can adjust Box Features such as Fill Colour, Outline Colour &/or Shape &/or Shadow, Text Colour, or add an Icon.

Those two Diagram options are independent so you can choose to use either or both.

If you are unfamiliar with such customisations then please ask for more detailed advice.

Bear in mind that even where researched married couples register a Birth it does not 'prove' they are the biological parents.
Mike Tate ~ researching the Tate and Scott family history ~ tatewise ancestry

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Re: DNA link - show on diagram

Post by Coolgarra » 10 Jan 2019 22:41

I use Mike's method to produce exactly what I think you are looking for (with redactions for privacy).
Chart.JPG (103.64 KiB) Viewed 816 times
All those with yellow highlight boxes have matching segments of DNA. Note the lines shown here are not all the descendants, only those who have done a DNA test, (although of course I could produce a chart of all descendants and the DNA icon would still only be on those lines where there was a tester).

When I get a DNA match (I am the red A on the chart), with H, I add the DNA Marker attribute to myself, my father (B), his father (C), and his father (D), then work my way back down to match H. In the marker I put the name of the shared ancestors, so for that particular match it would be: SMITH:MELCHERT, and I also put other information, such as the company tested with, the quality of the match (cM and number of shared segments) and the name & number of the person I match.

This means when you look at the match between A & H their paper trail back to D is proven by the shared DNA. The more this happens in the tree the more confidence you can have in the results (eg if you only have one other match then it IS possible that your match to them could potentially be through another line that you haven't realised).

I find this chart very useful for other family members to see what is going on. The only downside so far, is that because of the many matches, I have many DNA Marker facts on my record, but I have them turned off in other Reports, so it is really only a minor thing.

I would really love to be able to display the DNA icon near the name on the Focus Window as well, but the only real way I can think to do that (at this stage) is put a media picture to display and I really don't want to do that at this stage.

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