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Drag and Drop between projects

Post by mezentia » 08 Jan 2019 15:27

I have projects that work in pairs, one is for the principal family research, and a second where I keep information about people with the same surnames that I'm researching but with whom there is as yet no family connection that I have discovered to the people in the principal tree. I also have some instances where I have had to make part of my main research into an orphan tree within the project, and it would be useful to be able to move these to the second project so that the principal project contains only details of people whose connections are considered to be reliable.

I have used the tree splitter before now, but it's one of those things that gets used rarely, and therefore is a bit of a pain to get right each time it's needed.

What would be of enormous use would be the ability to select one or more related individuals and then use conventional cut/copy and paste to copy or move them to another, existing project, complete with all associated notes, sources, etc. Furthermore, the directory structure for any media so copied/moved should be retained in the project folder where the information is being copied to.

When moving an individual between trees in this manner, sources or media that are cited for people other than those being moved should be left intact.

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Re: Drag and Drop between projects

Post by tatewise » 08 Jan 2019 19:48

The first question is why not keep all the unrelated 'orphan' trees in the one master Project?
They do little harm there, are readily differentiated by Pool number, and won't appear in main tree Diagrams and Ancestor/Descendant Reports.

The trickiest part of any cut/copy process is selecting the records to be included.
That starts with the Individual records, but must also involve choices about all associated records such as Family, Note, Source, Place & Media records and linked Media files.
You want to include all such associated records, but others may not, so it is unclear how that would be catered for with cut/copy.
Whereas, the existing File > Import/Export > Export > GEDCOM file offers many ways of selecting Individual records and choosing which associated records are required.

When it comes to pasting, in your scenario it seems that few if any Individual records would match up, but what about matching Note, Source, Repository, Place & Media records, as well as Media files?
That is where File > Merge/Compare Files comes into play.

Managing the Media file & folder structure has its own complexities, especially if the two Projects involved don't share the same folder structure.

My feeling is that in complex databases such as FH, a cut/copy & paste or drag & drop is much more complex and fraught with dangers that don't apply where single objects are involved.
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