*What's going on - Walton Park, Liverpool Cemetery Burial Records - 1915

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What's going on - Walton Park, Liverpool Cemetery Burial Records - 1915

Postby rfj1001 » 09 Aug 2018 16:22

A George Lober of 9 Everton Crescent Liverpool died in March 1915 and was buried in Walton Park Cemetery on 1st April, aged 52.

The two-page scan of the burial record (which I accessed on ancestry) shows he was the only person out of 16 who died at home. Everyone else was a workhouse or hospital death /plus/ four individual burial records on those pages have Coroners Order by the name including George Lober.

All of this is over a space of 3 weeks but the pattern of hospital/workhouse deaths and coroners orders continues.

I've never seen any burial records so dominated by workhouse/hospital deaths and coroners records.

Can anyone shed any light on why this is the case (eg are these just the records of paupers graves?) and how I might find out more in terms of coroners reports, etc..


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Re: What's going on - Walton Park, Liverpool Cemetery Burial Records - 1915

Postby LornaCraig » 09 Aug 2018 16:50

According to this website https://www.sarsfieldmemorialsliverpool ... -cemetery/ it was a parochial cemetery for the interment of bodies at the expense of the church, and "those interred tended to be from some of Liverpool's poorest backgrounds". It gives an example of nine people interred on 3 June 1866, of whom five were in the workhouse and another in an industrial school. This matches the pattern you have seen several decades later.

I don't know if coroners records would be kept. In the case of a coronor's enquiry into a more 'high profile' death there might be a newspaper report but I doubt you would find anything in the newpapers about deaths in the workhouse. If you can identify the workhouse its own records might have survived.

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Re: What's going on - Walton Park, Liverpool Cemetery Burial Records - 1915

Postby Jane » 09 Aug 2018 17:14

There is a good discussion of Coroners Orders on Rootschat

As Lorna says Newspapers are the place to search, if you get a death certificate it will show if an inquest was held for George.

You might even find a "nice" report like this one from my own family
http://www.taubman.org.uk/family/wp/201 ... s-mullins/
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Re: What's going on - Walton Park, Liverpool Cemetery Burial Records - 1915

Postby tatewise » 09 Aug 2018 17:28

I am not sure if relevant, but he was German according to 1901 Census and 1911 Census.
He married Cecilia Barnes in Q3 1886 and was living with her and 3 children in 1901 at 12 Wallasey Village as a Pork Butcher.
In 1911 he was Single and a Lodger with about 60 others at 75 - 77 Roscommon Street Liverpool but still a Pork Butcher.

I wonder if his death might be due to reprisals associated with the beginning of WW1?

There were certainly Liverpool anti-German "Lusitania" riots a month later.
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