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Additional Information

Postby bonalymac » 11 Feb 2018 13:35

When using the Add Images screen, the last dialog box is titled Additional Information.

What do other users use this for?

I know the glib answer is "anything you like", but I'd like to see if there are obvious uses I'm missing that might save me time later by utilising this field.


Re: Additional Information

Postby bonalymac » 11 Feb 2018 13:37

Cant get my images to past inline. I get a screen message headed Clean Talk Spam protection when I try to preview. But it posted this time
image info.jpg
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Re: Additional Information

Postby tatewise » 11 Feb 2018 14:31

Sorry, but did you try clicking the Help button near the top (or just hit F1 key) where it explains:
If you are using an image title template that includes the {IMAGEINFO} tag, then you can use the Additional Information box to enter text to include in the multimedia object title (and the name of the file if the Rename option is ticked). For example, you may have a parish record source for a baptism which exists as a parish record and also a 'Bishops Transcript' copy. You could attach both images and use the Additional Information to label one of them 'Parish Record' and the other 'Bishops Transcript'. Or you might have a long and a short version of a birth certificate and both could be attached using the Additional information to distinguish between them. The default image title templates include the {IMAGEINFO} tag in brackets at the end, but if additional information is not entered then Ancestral Sources will automatically remove the unnecessary () brackets that would otherwise appear.

BTW: See Problem with Preview option when posting (15688).
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Re: Additional Information

Postby bonalymac » 11 Feb 2018 17:35

Apols. I didn't see that.

I've just been checking all the AS options and reading the Help file for each and every field on the various Options screens, but I didn't look at help for this one.

I managed to understand and make a few changes overall but missed this one. Sorry

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