* importing gedcom + media from MyHeritage

Importing from another genealogy program? This is the place to ask. Questions about Exporting should go in the Exporting sub-forum of the General Usage forum.
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Re: importing gedcom + media from MyHeritage

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The LF characters came from taking over notes data and source notes automatically from smart and record matches. They are probably not created by pasting any text.

MH doesn't seem to convert the lines to the pure NOTE/CONC/CONT format.

Thank you for reminding me about the export option.
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Re: importing gedcom + media from MyHeritage

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khunkai wrote: 11 Dec 2023 12:15 Hmmmm, working well now.

Been following the instructions step by step.
https://www.fhug.org.uk/kb/kb-article/i ... historian/
And I thought I did that yesterday as well.

I wonder, and again... I am a beginner in this.... could it be because the MyH website and the FTB was not synced, that I never got "healthy" Gedcoms created with the export Gedcom function in the FTB?

I spent hours and hours only trying to solve this yesterday, and now... poofffff... it works.

I will thank you guys for helping out here and for your patience, you are worth Gold for beginners like myself.
:) :)
Have tried to load new Gedcom files as I keep updating and expanding my MyHeritage tree.
Once again it misses several pictures when the Tree is displayed om my fh7.

This is a hit and miss operation each time I try it.
I must admit this program (fh7) is not for me.

Thnx for helping out previously, I appreciate that.

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Re: importing gedcom + media from MyHeritage

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It might help if you post a screenshot showing where the Media exists in MyHeritage online and in a synced FTB.
The FHUG instructions you cross--reference say:
if Media need to be transferred then use the Windows companion program Family Tree Builder synchronised with the MyHeritage online tree.
Is that what you are doing?

Why are you updating MyHeritage and then transferring it FH V7?
What is the purpose of using FH V7?
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