* Include Named List members in record Links counts

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Include Named List members in record Links counts

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Problem Description

Currently, the record Links column counts shown in Records Window tabs (and elsewhere) omit records that are members of a Named List. The function =LinksTo(...) also omits Named List membership.

This has several dangerous consequences:
  1. Seeing the Links count is zero, a user may inadvertently delete a record that is a crucial member of a Named List.
  2. File > Split Tree Helper... has options to Delete ... Records left with no links to them which will delete records without links despite being members of a Named List.
  3. File > Import/Export > Export > GEDCOM File... excludes Unconnected Records by default, so records without links but are members of a Named List will be omitted from the exported GEDCOM file.
Proposed Solution

Fundamentally, a Named List of record pointers is the same as a Rich Text list of record pointers and should be treated similarly regarding the Links counts.

So records that are members of a Named List should be included in the Links counts and =LinksTo(...) function.

That would also provide a useful mechanism for inhibiting the deletion of otherwise unconnected records.

The Repositories tab Sources column should be renamed Links because some links may not involve Source records and to be consistent with the other Records Window tabs.
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