* Ancestral Sources and ORA

AS allows faster and more convenient creation of source records for Family Historian.
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Ancestral Sources and ORA

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As of version 1.79 released 19 January 2024, ORA now provides predefined templates for automating data entry from eight Findmypast UK census collections into Ancestral Sources.

ORA is an automated assistant for use with online repositories including Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast, General Register Office, and many others. ORA combines a Windows program with a web browser extension to extract data and streamline your use of popular online services. The extension is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera.

While the Findmypast -> ORA -> Ancestral Sources automation was available in prior versions of ORA, the new, importable templates relieve the user of having to configure ORA to transfer data from a Findmypast page to Ancestral Sources.

The setup and usage instructions are described on the ORA site which you can explore to learn more about ORA. The Usage instructions on that page may seem long, but most of them are exactly the same as if you were manually keying or copy/pasting the required text--just without the need to key or copy/paste!

ORA version 1.79 is available now for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. The version for Edge is waiting approval by Microsoft and should be available by the end of the week.
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