* How to register many persons at same place

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How to register many persons at same place

Post by OlivierM »

Hello to all,

I try to register the # addresses of my ancestors . What is the best registration strategy to register their locations when many individuals shared the same place: copy and paste the "residence" tag for each individual?
or include them all except one as witnesses ?
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Re: How to register many persons at same place

Post by tatewise »

It depends on what criteria you use to judge as 'best'.

Having separate Residence facts for each person makes it easier to find everyone who resides at the same Place or Address by using a Query or Find command. Reports do not say who else lives at the same place.

Using Residence Fact Witnesses allows 'family' groups to be easily included in Reports. It is not so easy to Query or Find everyone living at the same Place.
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Re: How to register many persons at same place

Post by KFN »

Personally, I think of residency (most likely establish via an entry in a census) as a point in time. In many cases individuals move away from a particular place while others stay at that place for a lifetime. I would not use the “family residence “ to denote a group of individuals residing at a place, instead I would create a residency tag for each individual so that as you find additional locations you can add the information as a new residency and you can build a timeline for a specific individual.
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