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New sub-forum in the New Wish List Request forum

Post by ColeValleyGirl »

I've added a sub-forum (Wish List Requests On Hold):

"For Wish List Requests that need more work before they can be progressed to the Wish List, because after 3 months, discussions have not arrived at a clear specification of the requirement such that one or more Wish List items can be raised. Items On Hold that are not subsequently refined to a state suitable for the Wish List within a year by the OP or other interest parties will be closed. If the OP feels unable to progress the request, they should ask for volunteers among other interested users to assist."

I've also clarified the description for Closed Wish List Requests:

"For Wish List Requests that have either (a) been progressed to the Wish List; or (b) been classified as duplicates, or as redundant because the requirement is already satisfied within FH and/or plugins; or (c) closed because it wasn't possible to arrive at a clear specification of the request within 15 months of it being raised."

The intention is to make it easier for the Wish List administrators to see the wood for the trees, and to make the New Wish List forum itself less cluttered and hopefully attract more discussion from more people.
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