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How to export a subset

Post by OlivierM »

Hello to all,

I would like to export (as a gedcom) a subset of my genealogy database, i.e. the descendants of one of my GGG-parents.
That is fairly easy with the different tools provided.
But I also want to link their spouses and the relatives of the spouses (two generations ancestors and descendants)
Is there a way to do this in FH ?
Or do you know another program that makes this possible?

I thank you for your kind attention.
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Re: How to export a subset

Post by tatewise »

Yes, the general technique is to create a Named List of all the people to be included in the subset.
Then in the Export > GEDCOM File... command the << Select feature lets you choose a Named List.

See FHUG Knowledge Base Named Lists for advice on managing Named Lists.

See FHUG Knowledge Base Create an export GEDCOM based on a diagram that allows the Named List to be populated by selecting people from a Diagram. An All Relatives + Indirect Relatives Diagram or an Everyone Diagram should display everyone you want to include linked to your GGG-parents descendants.
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Re: How to export a subset

Post by Jane »

Another option is to create a custom query, so you add all Descendants of the root person, then add the spouses of any one in the result set, then add ancestors of anyone in the result set for 2 generations, and add descendants for 2 generations.

Then you can use your query for the export or use it to create a named list for fine tuning.
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