* Re-order Events by Date as a preferential UI setting

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Re-order Events by Date as a preferential UI setting

Post by woodr2011 » 19 Nov 2021 23:14

I would like to see the Re-order Events by Date incorporated into the UI as a Focus Window preference that would apply to all family groups within a dataset. It is rather tedious to have to F9 every time I add new children to a couple in order to see all of them in proper order by DOB.

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Re: Re-order Events by Date as a preferential UI setting

Post by ColeValleyGirl » 21 Nov 2021 13:49

To generate a Wish List request, we need a good complete specification of what's being asked for, particularly when it's a change to a feature that has existed for 19 years.

Re-order Events by Date/F9 does more than just re-order children (and spouses); it also re-orders Facts. Are you asking for re-ordering of just individuals within a family, or the full functionality of F9? Or should there be options similar to those when you ask to reorder the whole database via Tools > re-order Out-of-Sequence Data?

Do you also want it to apply to the Property Box and Records Window? -- I would assume so, for consistency.

Would you expect the preference to apply to all existing data, or only to data entered after it became available?

By Preferential, what do you mean -- that the UI should default to this behaviour? If so, that would be problematic for existing users as their data order could be changed without them asking for it; the behaviour should default to the current status quo.

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