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Understanding Projects

Post by tatewise » 29 Dec 2021 12:35

Understanding Projects needs updating for FH v7 as below where editorial instructions are underlined:

Understanding Projects

Skill Level: New User FH versions: V5, V6, and V7
In Topics: FH Folders and Files, Getting around FH, Organising your Research

If you are migrating from another product, it is advisable to read and understand what Projects are and why they are useful.

The most important thing to do when you start with ƒh is to read the Help. In particular, see Upgrading from Version 3 or Earlier that applies to importing standalone GEDCOM files from any products including ƒh.

No changes needed for Introducing the Project Window and Simon’s Explanation of Projects.

Project Benefits

Add this to the bullet list:
  • Some settings are saved in the Family Historian Project File (.fh_proj) since V6

Project Structure

Replace the 1st paragraph with the following:

When a Project is created, a folder & file structure is formed. If this structure is disrupted then Family Historian may not recognise it as a Project. The title bar at the top of the Family Historian window will either say – Family Historian Project – for a Project, or – Standalone GEDCOM File (LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY) – for a standalone GEDCOM. Furthermore, a Project will be listed in the File > Project Window but a standalone GEDCOM will not, and only a Project will support all three modes of File > Backup/Restore... along with the other features in the bullet list above.

Replace the 5th to 7th paragraphs with the following:

Each such root folder holds the Public folder, and the .fh_data folder, which is prefixed with the Project name. It also holds the Family Historian Project File that has the Project name as its file name, and .fh_proj as its file extension.

Finally, the .fh_data folder holds the .ged GEDCOM file that contains your family history data, and a series of folders such as Books, Charts, Media, etc. Most importantly, the Media folder holds all the multimedia files that are automatically included in ƒh Backups and automatically migrate if the Project is moved.

To reiterate, it is crucial to maintain this folder & file structure, otherwise the Project may no longer be recognised correctly by Family Historian.

Project Disruptions

The following abnormal displays may appear in the File > Project Window and you should ask for advice in the support forums.

If a Project is listed with a Last Updated timestamp of 01/01/1971 00:00 then the GEDCOM file is probably missing or corrupted and will need to be recovered from Snapshots or Backups. The only other possibility is that a recent import from another product contained no record Updated timestamps.

If a Project is listed with the suffix (Folder: <name of folder>) then the Project folders, the .fh_proj file, and the .ged file are inconsistently named in some way. That will need investigating using File Explorer and may need to be recovered from Backups.
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Re: Understanding Projects

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