* Link in e-mail not working properly

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Link in e-mail not working properly

Post by Gowermick » 25 Mar 2020 12:39

When I get an e-mail notification about a post I’m following, I click the link, and get taken to normal login page, where my username and password have been filled in by my browser (Safari on iPad).
When I then click login, I get an error message saying form is incorrect and I am returned to login screen, where same username and password have been filled in.
This time when I click login, I am successfully logged in.
To me the two login screens look identical so why does one fail and the other succeed?
Mike Loney

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Re: Link in e-mail not working properly

Post by alexstorm » 12 Jul 2021 19:16


I am guessing your browser's memory for the first page has an old login address. When you get to the new URL login, your browser's memory looks up a different login. Check the browser passwords and search for logins by a keyword. You might find both listing and see that one is old and causing the problem.

Hope that helps.

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