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Focus Window ~ Spouses and Children Tab

Post by AncestorAddict » 22 Oct 2021 15:41

It would be useful to be able to add fields to this tab. In particular, the Baptism Field, as before 1837 births were not recorded but baptisms were. At the moment, all my births before 1837 are marked c.yyyy unless I found the actual dates in probate records or on gravestones. Thank you
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Re: Focus Window ~ Spouses and Children Tab

Post by tatewise » 22 Oct 2021 16:25

The Focus Window already shows Baptism, Christening, Burial or Cremation events if there is no Birth or Death event.

If you are asking for multiple facts to be shown, where would they be displayed?
If there are many Children then multiple facts for each could get extremely congested.

Perhaps you are only talking about the Focus person and their Spouse?

I imagine you need the same feature for Burials for people buried before 1837?

Please confirm exactly what you are requesting for which persons in the Focus Window.

Anyway, if the Property Box is open to the right of the Focus Window then the relevant Facts are already shown there for the person in Focus and only just one click will show the same for any other person in the Focus Window.

If the All tab is open, then all Facts are shown.
If the Main tab is open, then it can be customised to show Baptism and Burial details along with Birth and Death details.

BTW: With a few clicks the Quick Family Facts plugin will display all those required Facts.
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