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"Open source" for URLs

Post by Hans_S » 05 Apr 2021 12:03

Some fields can contain URLs, like "Publication info" of a source or "File" of a media record. My wish is to open a web browser, or a file system browser, from the content of such a field if it contains a http/https URL or a local file specification.

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Re: "Open source" for URLs

Post by tatewise » 05 Apr 2021 12:15

For some fields in FH V7 that can be achieved by converting them to active links in the Rich Text Note window.
Such fields are all Note fields, the Text From Source fields, and a few others, but not Publication Info.

The Move Note URL to Rich Text Web Link plugin automates that process for URL in Note fields.
It could be extended to include Text From Source fields and others with a Rich Text capability.

The Add Media URL Shortcut plugin will convert a URL in the File link field of a Media record so it is a clickable item.
However, it is advisable to download such Media as a local PC file because URL have a nasty habit of changing.

It is always possible to copy & paste the URL into the address bar of any browser and open the webpage.
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