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Age calculator support for alternative calendars

Post by RickJ » 22 Feb 2021 23:12

The age calculator doesn't appear to support mixed calendars. I work with a lot of records from Eastern Europe, where the Julian calendar was in use up until the early 20th century (see list of countries bellow). The difference between the two calendars is very small: rising from 10 days in the 17th century to 13 in the 19th. I would love it if the calculator could make that simple conversion.

Albania (1912), Lithuania (1915), Latvia (1915), Bulgaria (1916), Turkey (1917), the Ukraine (1918), Russia (1918), Georgia (1918), Estonia (1918), Belarus (1918), Azerbaijan (1918), Armenia (1918), Serbia (1919), Romania (1919), North Macedonia (1919), Montenegro (1919) and Greece (1923).
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_a ... er_country

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