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Writing and using plugins for Version 5 and above.
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Re: Plugins planned/in progress

Post by Mark1834 » 16 Nov 2021 20:51

Jackie - it’s the other way around. The fhSQL library (which is the wrapper for the ODBC driver) is used by FH to read and write to databases used by other apps. For example, RM7 and RM8 are both based on SQLite, so FH can read (and write to with some limitations) RM files directly. It’s what I use for the FH sync to Ancestry via RM plugin.
Mark Draper

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Re: Plugins planned/in progress

Post by BakerJL75 » 16 Nov 2021 20:57

OK, Thanks. I new SQL Lite worked with RM as I've played with that. Good luck on your plugin.

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