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Search and Replace Plugin Revision

Posted: 05 Jul 2019 11:33
by tatewise
The topic Change census date from Year to full date (16889) proposed a rearrangement to the Major Options tab.

The Extra Filters tab for Date fields now has an option for LMO/Sort Date (~OBJE._DATE) that had been overlooked.

I've also added an option to Hide/Show White Space characters using · for space, » for tab, and for newline, similar to many word-processors, so that it is much easier to see exactly what characters have been entered.
That option affects the Major Options tab Search : and Replace : boxes, and also in the Search and Replace dialogue the Current Value : and Replacement Value : boxes.

Could any interested users please test those new features, especially the Hide/Show White Space characters option, prior to the Plugin being submitted to the Plugin Store. Try entering and deleting white space characters with other characters, and moving the cursor around when Show White Space is enabled.

See attachment Search and Replace Plugin Version 2.9.1 Date 05 Jul 2019.
[ EDIT: Attachment deleted as V3.0 now in Plugin Store. ]

Re: Search and Replace Plugin Revision

Posted: 10 Jul 2019 15:45
by E Wilcock
I am really ashamed to post this.
But I dont know how to select census dates that are year only and ask for the full date to go in.

I have 2 censuses in 1939 (German and English) so after you posted this, I went through and manually selected a couple of hundred of the German ones but eventually gave up. It was only in my early days of fh that I didnt fill in the full date.

However, the updated download looked fine Mike. It is only me being clueless. I dont think any of my 1939 register entries have the full date.

Re: Search and Replace Plugin Revision

Posted: 10 Jul 2019 20:34
by tatewise
It was discussed in the thread Change census date from Year to full date (16889) mentioned earlier, but your German and English conflict does complicate things, and needs clever use of filters.

The first thing to do is create a Named List of every Individual who has a German 1939 Census.
You should now be expert enough to write a Fact Query to find them by filtering on Census & Place & Date, and put all the Individuals in the Result Set into a Named List.
Alternatively, you could select the German 1939 Census Source record(s) and run the Where Used Record Links, then put all the Record Where Used cells of Individuals in the Result Set into a Named List.

Now run the Search and Replace Plugin.
In the Search Scope select Census (INDI.CENS) so only Census events are considered.
Click Select Records and on the Named Lists tab choose the German 1939 Census Individuals list created above.

In the Basic Filters ensure only Date fields is ticked.

In Search Criteria select LUA Pattern Mode on right.
In the Search box enter ^1939 to ensure that dates with only a year are changed.
In the Replace box enter the full required date such as 17 May 1939 for example.

Now run the Search & Replace and if all looks OK then untick Confirm every item found.

After that the only Census events with just 1939 in the Date should be the UK Register facts.
So run the Search and Replace Plugin again.
In the Search Scope first select All Records & Events/Attributes and then select Census (INDI.CENS) so that all Individual records are selected.
In the Replace box use 29 September 1939

It might just be possible that you have a few Individuals who appear in both the German census and English census.
Those will have had both Census event Dates changed to the German date.
You will have to find them with a Query and manually correct them.
i.e. find Census facts with German Date and but a Place in England.

Re: Search and Replace Plugin Revision

Posted: 11 Jul 2019 15:29
by E Wilcock
Thank you. That is very clear. I needed that upward arrow symbol. The simple way is to start with the 1939 Register because there is only a single source for that- whereas different routes to the German one changing over the years. I do have people who are on both censuses - but for those peope I entered the months.
But the point is that the plug in works.
And I will eventually run it through all my projects for every census. Very grateful for it.

Re: Search and Replace Plugin Revision

Posted: 23 Jul 2019 20:59
by tatewise
Search and Replace Plugin Version 3.0 Date 22 Jul 2019 is now in the Plugin Store.