* RM8 census data

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RM8 census data

Post by dfromel » 18 Oct 2021 19:16

Trying the program and moving data from RM8. When I originally recorded family census data, the head of household had all of the data with the media and the children "shared" the census fact. RM shows it as Son-Census (fam)
In the property box, under facts, if it is the head, the fact label says Census from etc.. but if it is a child, I have the following:
Correct date blank Correct age 3 dots that expand to the witnesses, which are listed as all the children, correctly.

Is there a way to add the appropriate label in the fact column?

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Re: RM8 census data

Post by tatewise » 18 Oct 2021 20:36

Welcome to the FHUG.

I suspect that problem is due to the Witness Role being undefined in FH.

When you obtain the list of children as Witnesses, what Role do they have?

That Role must be defined for the Census event.
So use the Tools > Fact Types... command, select Census and click the Edit... button, and then the Roles... button.
There you can Add the required Role Name and set the Past Tense to the same name for now.
Accept the default Role Sentence Template and click the Create button, then Close and OK and Close.

Does that improve the Facts tab display for the Witnesses?

If not then please attach some screenshots to help us understand the problem.
See the FHUG Knowledge Base Forum Usage Tips for advice on Attachments and Taking Screenshots.

There is more detailed advice in Importing to Family Historian and Narrative Report Fact Sentence Templates.
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