* Import from Roots with GEDCOM

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Import from Roots with GEDCOM

Post by pete56 » 23 Feb 2021 00:40

I have switched over to FH7 from Roots using a GEDCOM. I see in a list that I have many excluded information, what steps do I use in cleaning this up? I am not sure what they even are. I am a beginner learning on the go, and I get lots of help here. Thanks
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Re: Import from Roots with GEDCOM

Post by tatewise » 23 Feb 2021 10:36

Pete, this is related to your earlier posting RM Place details in FH (18887).

Did you see the FHUG Knowledge Base advice on Importing to Family Historian that has a section dedicated to Import from RootsMagic (RM)?

There it suggests you exclude Extra details (RM specific) from the GEDCOM and that will omit much of the RM details that mean nothing to FH. The one exception is if you want Place Latitude/Longitude coordinates to import into FH, then you must include Extra details (RM specific).

Having said that, the Exception Report example you posted, EXCLUDED those unrecognised details so they have already been cleaned up. That example is the Birth Event Definition similar to the FH Tools > Fact Types... definition for Birth.

However, there will probably be other unwanted details that are usually recorded as Uncategorised Data Fields (UDF).
See FHUG Knowledge Base Handling Uncategorised Data Fields.

Also, see the FHUG Knowledge Base Importing/ section that may offer other useful guidance.
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