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importing data from non Gedcom

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 16:55
by johnwill
Sadly my Hard disc crashed using Version 3 thereby losing all of my data.
I have backed up my information as a zip file and am unable to reload into version 6 as yet.
Is there any way this information can be saved and loaded into version 6?
Thank you

Re: importing data from non Gedcom

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 18:47
by BillH

Did you create the zip file using Family Historian's File > Backup/Restore command? If so you should be able to restore it using File > Backup/Restore > Restore Backup...

Re: importing data from non Gedcom

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 19:29
by LornaCraig
I can't remember what the backup options were in V3 but as Bill says, if you have a zipped backup of the Gedcom you should be able to import it into V6. However the most important difference between V3 and V6 is the Project structure, which was introduced in V4. In V6 in the Project Window click New Project, then click the Help button. This will open a page in the Help files giving guidance on creating a new project by importing a Gedcom.

Did you have any Media files linked to your V3 Gedcom? If so do you have backups of them? It is recommended that media files are held in the Media folder of the FH Project folder and there may be some work involved in locating them and moving them to the Media folder. If you can tell us exactly what you have backed up and where it is we may be able to help further.

Re: importing data from non Gedcom

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 20:44
by tatewise
I can confirm that FH V3 does feature File > Backup to create a ZIP file of the GEDCOM file only.
Unless the Media files were backed up by some other means, then I'm afraid they are lost & gone.
If that is the case, then please learn from this experience and perform regular full backups in future.
See Knowledge Base > Backup and Recovery for extensive advice.

When you have recovered the GEDCOM file, then see Knowledge Base > Understanding Projects.

Those two topics are included in Knowledge Base > Key Features for Newcomers.
Please study them as you have a steep learning curve.

Re: importing data from non Gedcom

Posted: 17 Mar 2019 10:48
by johnwill
Thank you all for your answers to my query, I have successfully imported my Gedcom files from my backup from V3.
As mentioned I have a steep learning curve for V6 and shall be perusing the knowledge base.
Again Thank you.