*Importing from The Times Family Tree

Importing from or exporting to another genealogy program. This is the place to ask.
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Importing from The Times Family Tree

Postby MojoSan » 08 Jul 2018 17:45

The bottom line is...you can't!
I e-mailed The Times asking if there was any upgrade, or other way forward. Their extremely disappointing answer was "No. Try Amazon".
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The way that I finally did it was to open the GEN file in Word (as plain text), then pick out the text information. Very long=winded and time consuming.

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Re: Importing from The Times Family Tree

Postby Jane » 09 Jul 2018 07:41

Looking at the Amazon reviews, it looks like there is a Gedcom export option, so if you have the program installed somewhere you should be able to export it. If you have the original program it could be installed on a PC running in 32bit and the data exported.

How ever it may be better to do a "Genealogy Do-over" and review and enter all your data getting all your sources and media entered as you go.
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