* Importing a RootsMagic GEDCOM

Importing from or exporting to another genealogy program. This is the place to ask.
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Importing a RootsMagic GEDCOM

Post by pete56 » 23 May 2022 21:43

When I try and import a GED ( created with Rootsmagic 7) file into my Family Historian File, I get an error that says " an error occurred while loading the file and cannot merge. I checked the file with a validator and it is a good file. What might I look for. It used to be able to merge ged files before it just stopped now. I am using the latest update to Family Historian 7 and windows 10. Thanks

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Re: Importing a RootsMagic GEDCOM

Post by tatewise » 23 May 2022 22:01

It sounds like you are trying to use File > Merge/Compare File... to import a RootsMagic GEDCOM file into a Project.
I suggest it is probabaly not a good idea to directly import any GEDCOM from another product into your master Project.
The reason is that you do not know whether the GEDCOM is fully compatible with all FH features or contains junk data.

The recommended method is to perform a Direct Import from the RootsMagic Project into a temporary FH Project.
The RootsMagic Direct Import is far superior and includes more data than the GEDCOM method.
That temporary FH Project can then be reviewed and adjusted to make it consistent with Fh and your master Project.
Finally, you use File > Merge/Compare File... to import the GEDCOM from the temporary Project into your master Project.
Once that has been successfully completed, the temporary Project can be deleted.

See FHUG Knowledge Base Merge/Compare File advice.

Is this related to your earlier Merge (20629) and Import from Roots with GEDCOM (18974) postings that you did not follow up.
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